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Smart wave pro light

About this item

  1. Stunning Christmas Decorations: Elevate your yard space this festive season with our outdoor tree light. artificial Christmas tree illuminates the outdoors and transforms it into a captivating winter wonderland that ignites a joyous holiday spirit.

  2. Weatherproof: Crafted with care, a weatherproof low-voltage adapter empowers this creation, defying weather for a seamless experience. Rust free pegs are included for secure grounding, preventing  movement or dislocation. Enjoy your new hassle-free outdoor Christmas tree. 

  3. Smart control: This perfect Christmas tree light offers TUYA app smart control, allowing you to easily switch on and off, adjust colors, set timers, activate scene modes, engage in DIY customization, enjoy music rhythm modes, making your evening garden more rich and spectacular.

  4. Choose the Right One for You: These beautiful LED Christmas trees  available in 3/4mt,warm white, multicolored, and brand new solid colored lights, and a range of 600 to 1200 LED LED per tree. Choose the height, color that suits you and your family to add to your Christmas decoration!


Structure diagram:

wave pro 7.png


Product nameOutdoor decorative wave tree light

Product modelSmart wave pro light

Input power17W  DC5V_3.4A

LED:illusionary RBG

LED QTY: 600LED, Chipset bulit in

Metal color/materialBlack/ Iron (matte anti-rust paint)

Control mode: 2.4G remote control + WIFI APP control + music rhythm control

Package size:120cm*10cm*15cm   20ft:1530pcs 40ft:3450pcs

Product size: Height 3meters, The base diameter 2.1meters      


Light mode: DIY mode/scenery mode/ life mode /festival mode/mood mode

APP function :“mode adjustment”function“music rhythm”function“timer”function“smart mesh”function

Accessories :

① Metal floor plug *1with 3 strong pin

② Metal mounting pipe*3 (length 1 meter)

③ The thread connection pipe*2

④ Fixed metal insertion*6

⑤ 2.4G remote control *1

⑥ Power adapter*1

⑦ String installation auxiliary measuring tool*1

⑧ String LED group*5

⑨ Power extension cord


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